In short, «Ravine», [is a] really, really deep work and [a] rare example of musical abstraction for our day 4/5. Mixmag Russia
Vestibule / A Mere Subjective Experience
A release by The Incognito Traveller project can't be nothing else than a sound journey, a jazz influenced landscape. DJ Nova
Movements of Migration
...a wonderful merging of moods and pulsating rhythms and for me already a downbeat classic! 9/10. FAZE Magazine Germany /
It’s headnod but at the same time it is roomy, textured and challenging – it’s car and it’s headphones.
Frission Radio /
A perfectly crafted piece that makes sense from beginning to end. Enjoying it immensely. Ashley Beedle /

A truly absorbing release. Finest Ego /

Silent NY / Geneviève
Hummmmm that's so damn ELEGANT and SUPERB!!! Laurent Garnier / Quality music! Makossa /
Nice, wanna remix?
Chris Vogado (zerodB) / Deep dark jazz vibes! Strong stuff. Daniel Schmitt /
Deep, loungey, smokey, jazzy beat territory. OdDio /

The Incognito Traveller EP
Prepare to be whisked away into the world of smoky cafés and lazy cobblestone streets, tinged with the mystery and intrigue of a classic spy movie. hiddenplace music /
It's hard to find the most outstanding track because every song on "The Incognito Traveller EP" is a discovery of its own full of poetry. Phlow Magazine /
... a solid down-tempo ambience by means of smooth and soothing jazz rhythms, dashing trumpet lines and a little bit of nostalgic piano and guitar. Komczech /