Movements of Migration
BBE Music. 2016

1. Silent NY
2. Issues of Exclusion
3. How to Send Messages by Smoke
4. Calderitas
5. Sargassum
6. Checkpoint Swinger
7. Geneviève
8. How to Send Messages by Voice
9. Movements of Migration
10. Ministers
11. Sweet Distribution
12. How to Send Messages by Drums
13. Black Paris
14. Absolute
15. Moderate Temperatures
16. Epílogo
Released on January 15th, 2016, on BBE Music.

A voyage through the various ways humanity changes internally, physically, and spatially, and how those aspects affect each other. People change on the inside and as a result they migrate physically; people move from place to place and the geographical and cultural differences provoke inner migrations. Movements may be social, political, physical, conceptual, and the album is inspired by these and various other shades and definitions of the ideas of "movement" and "migration". A strong focus on beats and rhythms, as well as a warm selection of sounds and samples, provides the musical base for a proper jazz-infused exploration of a world with far too many geographical boundaries. Aperture and liberty are key concepts that were kept ever-present throughout the recording of the album and can be felt in the notes and words and the spacious breaks with field recordings from various parts of the world to remind the listener about freedom and humanity's constant pursuit of it.
Vestibule / A Mere Subjective Experience
Silent NY / Geneviève
The Incognito Traveller EP