The Incognito Traveller EP
Discos Konfort 2007 / BBE Music 2015.

1. Petra 1:00am
2. At the End of Mahon Street
3. A Couple Minutes with Eric
4. Chaleur
5. Marguerite
6. A Couple Minutes with Paco
7. Valletta 1:27am

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Jean-Luc Goddard tribute video by YouTube user Ti Paulo
The first voyage of The Incognito Traveller, a nighttime trip through the Mediterranean, touching both faraway and exotic points of the basin over a 27 minute dream. The EP has been downloaded more than 100.000 times, received raving reviews from listeners and the online press.
Vestibule / A Mere Subjective Experience
Silent NY / Geneviève
Movements of Migration